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Anthargange is a remarkable little place in Karnataka, near Bangalore owed to the point that it is spread with a lot of caves Antaragange is a part of the Shathashrunga mountain range meaning ‘Ganges from the depths'. The hill is associated with Lord Parasurama and Jamadagni.Anthargange trekking is a remarkable experience since this place is a striking rocky hill range situated at about 1226 Meters above sea level in Kolar and is filled with hillocks and caves that are formed out of volcanic rocks and boulders. It is at a distance of 80 kms from Bangalore & 4 kms from Kolar.Experience the Anthargange adventure which has a lot adreneline pumping activities.

Situated at about 1226 Meters above sea level in Kolar and is filled with hillocks and caves that are formed out of volcanic rocks and boulders.

The Shiva temple is a main attraction and world’s biggest linga of 108 feet altitude, matched by a huge figure of Nandi of 35ft tall. There are around 200 steps which will lead u to the top of the hill, on the top of the hill there is a big kalyani. The first stop after climbing some 50 odd steps is the Gangadhareshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. A beautiful path to divine temple of Kashinatheshwara and Anthargange (sacred water). Dont miss out on the awesome passages through Anthargange caves if you want to experience some adventure. Anthargange cave exploration is a must try for all the adreneline junkies. The water of this Anthargange spring is considered to be sacred by the local people and tourists with a spiritual bend of mind. It is remarkable to note that Anthargange means Inner Stream or Ganges from deep.

Anthargange trip makes is the best choice to make since this place has a spiritual implication and also a wonderful nature & trekking destination. This very terrain makes the area a perfect spot for trekking and other adventure activities. Once you start exploring the caves and reach the destination you will be speechless and enthralled by the serenity in the caves. It is a great place for trekking, night trekking, cave exploration, rappelling.

other than Anthargange day outing you can also opt for night trekking with your team or friends and enjoy the lights scattered across the city, like fireflies in the night sky & night cave explorations. Early sunrise will be a thrilling experience.

We conduct awesome activities like rope traversing, rappelling, trekking and caving, camping, night trekking which are sure to offer an adrenaline-charged experience to travelers. It is a good time to explore the natural charm of Anthargange as the city offers enthralling sights of lush landscapes and gushing water bodies in monsoons.

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