• Time off places around Bangalore


    You really don’t need to choose the place when you have them all in your basket. Hang out to some top places around Bangalore which gives you an immense pleasure and incredible fun to have a great time outside with your loved once. Bannerghatta National Park: The Bannerghatta National Park is one of the well-known and prominent of all national parks in India. It’s a man-made park which is a home to quite a few classes of animals and birds and it also catches the attention of children and adults alike through its diverse animals and birds. Bheemeshwari: Bheemeshwari is a small town which

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  • Live the life with Adventure


    Adventure sport is the hottest trend in Bangalore to experience the excitement and set your adrenalin levels rushing by indulging in adventure sports. This newly found recreation is quickly catching up among adventure lovers. The variety of adventure sports in Bangalore ranges from Scuba diving to the daring paragliding and white water rafting. A best way to relax and refresh after a hectic, chronic week is to set off on weekend getaways around Bangalore. There are some famous adventure spots which are flourished with greenery like Bheemeshwari, Chikmagalur etc and there are some others that only demand a day of

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  • Corporate Team Outing


    Corporate team outing is a great way to unite team members and bring them closer together. The major objective behind corporate team outing is to motivate team-building strategies among team which in turn results in productivity. Taking your team members outside the usual workplace helps them to break down political and personal differences, eliminate diversions, counter distractions, and obviously to have fun and feel relaxed. The advantages of team-building programs through corporate team outing are considerably beneficial that many corporations started getting involved in team building strategies into their standard training core curriculum. Some benefits of Corporate team outing include: Improves confidence

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  • Adventure resorts and tour packages around Bangalore


    Adventure nest offers adventure packages which are both affordable and adorable. Whether you’re looking for an Adventure package to relax and indulge special holidays with your loved ones, a trip to your favorite hot spot or a new adventure will relieve your life again and add a little spice to it with thrilling holidays. Now you can plan your weekend to explore yourselves with safety, security and affordability. The packages are enriching and planned in such a way that one can get the maximum out of the trips. We are pioneers in organizing verities of Adventure Sports without compromising the

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  • Adventure sports: Test your adrenaline


    Scuba Diving Scuba diving is a social stage to bring collective strength and efforts to provide chance for harmless and pleasurable diving experiences. Bungee Jumping If you want to feel your adrenaline, nothing can be more daring than bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is one of the thrilling sports ever played in the adventure games. It is to simply say that it is the name of daring under flames. Jumping from a height of about 120 to 500 feet is not as easy as you think it is!! Meaning you require the training for performing this activity. We provide you all

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  • Weekend getaway around Bangalore

    weekend getaway Bangalore

    The cosmopolitan city Bangalore offers a perfect getaway to most of the places, hill stations and wildlife hubs located around it. Great weekend getaway spots that are both hassle-free and not so expensive you will be fully refreshed and rejuvenated from your weekend getaway. Here are some top weekend getaways spots that you might want to consider. Here are some of the famous destinations you might consider to go. Nandi Hills : The place offers a nice bird’s eye view from the top. An early morning drive to the hills in time for the sunrise is an exciting option. Mekedatu

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  • The ultimate adventure


    The idea of trekking in India has positively gained a momentum and the trekkers who pay a visit to the trekking trails are not only from India, but also from other overseas countries. India is expeditiously growing and has become a major trekking destination. Its area covers hills and dales, lush tropical forests, caves and the perfect coastline offers diversity to the tourist’s trip. Trekking through different parts of India gives a chance to the trekkers to add comprehension into the perfect beauty of the places and the captivating flora and fauna. The adventurous range of Himalaya’s presence in the country

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  • Team Outing: Together everybody achieves more

    Team building is a philosophy of job design in which employees are viewed as part of mutually dependent teams instead of individual workers. Working as a consistent team does not always happen naturally, making it compulsory for the group to participate in a team building program intend to make teams more useful features activities and action that will make even the most displeased team members feel better about being a part of the team. Whether teams engage in short bonding exercises or multi-day retreats filled with games, they should come forward smiling and ready to work together. Exiting team outing

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  • Corporate training: An ultimate training solution

    Corporate training

    Adventure Training is the most accepted these days for corporate use to fetch immediate results that they order for their deal. We often give you the effective corporate training which is very vital as it helps people to learn, deliver and know more about the internal workings of the activities. In modern times few lessons have also shown those organizations that have sincerely planned their corporate training process are doing well than those organization that have not planned at all. We take the corporate away from their hustle and bustle life and put them into a challenging environment. We offer

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  • Corporate outing: Experience the immense pleasure of your outing with training.

    Corporate outing Bangalore

    An entire industry has grown around corporate team-building programs, from ropes courses, wilderness programs, and paintball to ice breakers, trust exercises, and coaching sessions based on questionable personality tests. Corporate outings are some of the most sought after because we bring a lot of value, fun effects & a well planned journey into the proceedings as it is visible from our client feedback & testimonials. We encourage and activate team bonding so everybody should bond together at work as well. Corporate people out there who are tired of meeting deadlines and are looking to spend a fun day with your

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