7 thrilling and interesting sports for adventure fanatics in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city well known for both hard and smart working people. So in order to maintain the sharpness of your mind and a perfect health you need to do something. What? Yes you take proteins and vitamins rich foods, you go for jogging and take eight hours sleep daily, you have a good health. You have a good work life balance. That’s all. But is it enough? Ask yourself. If you ask me I’ll answer with a ‘big no’.

Especially if I am an adventure junkie and I am in Bangalore. Adventure is one of the most important things to refill your energies to full mode and to enjoy a life full of excitements Bangalore has many nearby destinations full of nature and fresh air. Say it elevated rocky hills, ups and downs in high speed of rivers, dense forests and chilling weather. Bangalore has got it all. Adventure Nest offers you a helping hand as the best adventure company in Bangalore. We conduct various adventure activities with all safety measures. We have affordable and custom adventure packages. Let’s know more about these adventure activities.

1. Trekking:

Whenever we hear the word ‘adventure’ trekking is an activity which definitely comes into our mind. Holding the ropes and a backpack, these things starts filming in our minds. Trekking is an adventure activity which is always conducted in rocky and hilly areas where transportation are not possible. Only way to is to move by foot. Feeling the nature and sceneries, climbing the rocks or navigating through hills, spending nights in tents with bonfires, trekking is all of these.

Trekking is important to boost your metabolism. It helps you get physically more fit by strengthening the bones and muscles, cleaning your lungs, increasing cardiovascular strength and losing extra weight. It keeps you mentally fit and focused. You get a chance to meet new trekkers, share your thoughts, and probably you get new friends. You get to know about culture of rural areas and if you are with your friends and family the in-between bond increases.

At Adventure Nest we conduct trekking in destinations like Ramanagara, Antharagange, Bheemeshwari, Coorg, Kodachadri, Mullayangiri, Kumara Parvatha and Savandurga. We have a professional team to conduct trekking safely.

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2. Paint Ball:

It is a European game getting famous all over the world. It’s a game of two teams who are against each other. For this game a paintball gun and capsules. Paintball capsule contains bio-degradable non-toxic and water soluble dye with a gelatine outer shell. One will shoot other team member with colourful balls. At the last whichever team has highest score of shooting wins the game. The rules may vary, it could include collecting others team’s flags and equipment. It also involves crawling, sprinting, diving, dodging and shooting.

Paintball is a team game so it definitely increases your efficiency to contribute in team work. It increases interpersonal skills and self-confidence. You get to know your real strengths and weaknesses. It’s a stress relief game which increases your endurance and strength. It benefits you both physically and mentally.

At Adventure Nest we have a great team who can organize paintball in Bangalore. We have safety gears, well maintained equipment and good instructors. You just need to tell us the location where you want to conduct paintball.

3. Rock climbing:

It is an activity conducted on rock hill areas. It’s not a safe game if done without proper safety measures. In rock climbing, the participants have to climb up and down the rocks. They need to use their hands and foot very carefully while climbing and holding the rock edges. A destination is already predefined where they have to reach within stipulated time. Climbing the rocks requires both mental and physical strength, some common sense and presence of mind.

Rock climbing is a full body workout activity. It tests your stamina and patience. You become more calm and peaceful after this activity. It strengthens your bones and muscles and your respiratory system. You learn handling your work at your own.

Rock climbing is always preferred to do in presence of experienced and professionals. Well we have that team that will take care of all the safety measures and will you let you to enjoy. We conduct rock climbing activities at Ramanagara near Bangalore. And all that in a budget that fits your pocket.

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4. Zip line:

It is a challenging adventure activity not for weak heart people. Zip line is an activity where you have to go from one end to the other with the help of a cable and a pulley mounted on a slope. You will be suspended on the cable at the height of more than 1000 feet. The place could be a river valley, dense forest or hills. It’s thrilling and you cannot keep calm.

Advantage is simply you start overcoming fears and become more courageous. Your patience and endurance level increases. It enhances your physical and mental strength.

Adventure Nest organizes the best zip line adventure in Bangalore conducted at destinations like Ramnagar, Coorg, Ooty, Dandeli. Along with a professional team we also have a safety wing to inspect all our equipment before use.

5. Water zorbing:

Children enjoy 'zorbing' at youth center
This activity needs a big transparent ball and lot of water. It involves getting into a large inflatable ball which allows you to jump, run, walk and dance on the surface of water without getting wet. The water balls are called zorbs and could be 2 meters in diameters. It consists of a zipped entrance for easy entering and exiting. Water zorbing is conducted in lakes, canals, pools and ponds.

It’s lot of fun balancing your body inside the ball over water. You get to know how to balance your body on movements. For a moment you tend to forget all your worries and you enjoy to the fullest. Well it’s not for everyone specially if you are a heart patient or pregnant. Also if you have body ache and respiratory problems.

At Adventure Nest we offer you affordable packages for water zorbing at your selected locations, be it resorts, ponds or lakes.

6. Kayaking:

If you love water sports then kayaking is for you. A kayak is used to move in the water from one end to the other end. A kayak is a long and narrow watercraft with sharp ends designed to cut through. A double bladed paddler is used for navigating through the water. It needs a brave heart as in kayaking sometimes situations may come where you have to forget about fears and use your presence of mind.

It boosts your stamina and endurance level. It’s fun and equally thrilling. Your bones and joints strengthen with kayaking also increasing your mental strength.

Adventure Nest conducts kayaking at Bheemeshwari, Dandeli, Makalidurga, Ramnagara and Manchinbele. We organize best kayaking activity in Bangalore in a safe and friendly environment. We have certified instructors with solid skills foundation. We best fir your pocket.

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7. Chimney climbing:

It’s a climbing activity between two vertical layers. The challenge is how well and beautifully you manage yourself to reach at the destination point. There are certain techniques for chimney climbing like the back and foot width, stemming width, Off-width, arms-lock & arms-bars, shoulder locks, squeeze chimneys etc.

The benefit of involving in chimney climbing is to increase your presence of mind. You have to carry your whole weight against gravity which helps in body weight balancing. It increases the coordination power and metabolism.

At locations like Ramanagar and Kunti Betta, we conduct chimney climbing activities with all safety measures under the guidance of a certified team.

At Adventure Nest we have the professional team which conducts all kind of adventurous activities in Bangalore and near locations. We offer custom packages that fit your pocket and budget which includes accommodation, food and transportation. We have predefined schedules for all the activities with free pickup and drop facilities. So don’t stay behind. Step up and call us now to feel the best adventure in Bangalore.

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