Adventure: The pursuit of life

Have you been out of doors lately?

At any time if you get a thought that crosses your mind regarding the adventure activities and places without any solutions for your thought, then Adventure nest is always at your disposal.

We provide you the analytical explanations for all your plans and proceedings that include plentiful Adventure events like Mountain Biking, Trekking, Water Sports, River Rafting and Team Building events like ice walk, Fire Walk, cob web, Ice Breakers, acid walk, egg drop, pipeline and other activities including transporting, construction, obstacles, paint ball and tent pitching. We also offer indoor team activities like blindfold March, tower and Hanoi, drum circle and helium stick. Ice breaking games like Key Punch, Head and Tail, Acid Ball and Pass D Holla. We organize theme based events for corporate which is indeed very much interesting and humorous as well. We’re coupled with a lot of resorts to make you feel more relaxed at some point at your excursion.

We bring about pioneering Adventure Activities to every individual to make sure that your life sparkles with happiness and comfort.

There are many must see places to visit just hours away from Bangalore city which are perfect for day outings. The following places are astonishingly famous for adventure events

NagarholeThe best time to visit this place is during the month of November or December. You can make a decision to hit this place. It has got a beautiful wildlife sanctuary which is safe and heaven for all the animals.

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This place is around 220 kilometers from Bangalore which is a perfect day out. You can even start out a bit late and end up reaching the sanctuary at around 2 o clock in the midday after a comfortable four and half hours drive We get you the safari ride into the park where you can have your seat in a van and start taking the beautiful photography.


If you are looking for a fine blend of harmony and adventure, Makalidurga is the place to be. It is situated around 55 kilometers from Bangalore

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This place is the perfect get-away with friends, relations and corporate as well. If you wish to experience the peacefulness of lengthy walks-ways, abundant greens and idle evenings. Visiting this place will disclose the fact of an old age fort, sitting up the hill which is bounded by nature.

This place has a lot of resorts in the nature beauty that always welcomes you to the full-blown resort and cottages.

We can also plan to take you to other adventure places like Manchinbele, Madhumalai, Ramnagar, Bheemeshwari, Coorg , Dandeli which are incredibly interesting and exiting places around Bangalore.

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