Kayaking- row the boat to feel pleasure

Kayaking refers to traveling in a kayak. Kayak is like a fisher’s boat that comprises of a light frame made of wood and protected with watertight skins except for a single or double breach in the center, and kayak is driven by a double bladed flutter.

Kayaking is an influential means of philanthropic access to nature which would otherwise be hard to see, due to the thickness of the forestation by the riverside. For maximum opportunities to report wild life and for an extended adventure tour on the water, kayaking trip is a doable option.

Kayaking offers you a lot of benefits like

  •   Complete body work out
  •   Considerable aerobic loss of weight which burns around 250 calories within one hour
  •   Most importantly kayaking keeps your body muscle flexible,
  •   Kayaking has considerable aerobic and weight loss benefits, burn calories and your muscles stay flexible.
  •   Kayaking reduces your stress and strain

Adventure in Bangalore

Getting this kind of exercises is going to make any person feel better! This is ideal for beginners trying to come to terms with the techniques of paddling. You can attempt to play this adventure sport indeed. Kayaking is more of a cheering tour into nature than a foray into the thrilling world of a spectacular act player. The Kayaking trip offered in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state is incredible and you can’t wait to have that experience. A rich diversity of bird life can be seen all along the water bodies of Uttara Kannada. A place called Dandeli is another kayaking destination for you with your loved ones. Here, a good number of water and adventure sports are offered. It is one of the top places for kayaking, canoeing and river rafting.

For all kayakers, the fast-moving water which aggressively shakes the inflatable rafts on their fall of the River Kali in Karnataka which offers a white water sporting challenge. We offer basic training for Beginners and get close supervision.

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