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The idea of trekking in India has positively gained a momentum and the trekkers who pay a visit to the trekking trails are not only from India, but also from other overseas countries. India is expeditiously growing and has become a major trekking destination. Its area covers hills and dales, lush tropical forests, caves and the perfect coastline offers diversity to the tourist’s trip.

adventure-trekkingTrekking through different parts of India gives a chance to the trekkers to add comprehension into the perfect beauty of the places and the captivating flora and fauna. The adventurous range of Himalaya’s presence in the country provides one of the amazing trekking experiences to visitors. The Western Ghats range of mountains neighboring the states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu also provide exceptional opportunity for trekking in India as the area close them are glorified with lush green tropical scenery that freaks out the trekkers. We have got very much to offer when it comes to adventure trekking. There are a variety of trail which are from easy to medium to difficult so the trekkers can opt for trek in accordance with their practice, capability and their potential. Some of the most challenging trekking trails found in our country stride along the Himalayas are trekking trails in Sikkim, Trekking in Uttaranchal, Trekking in Ladakh, Trekking in Himachal Pradesh and trekking in Karnataka.We offer affordable Adventure packages all over India.

The landscapes of these treks are hallowed with snow capped mountains. If you look down at the magnificent scenery while trekking offers an awe-inspiring sight to the tourists. Karnataka is a very much renowned for trekking in the Western Ghats which is one of the best ways to take a close look of natural world moreover enjoying the adventure and excitement which is hidden behind it.

western-ghats-trekkingKarnataka is a god’s tailor made land with abundant nature which is in the form of landscape and hills that brings up adventure sports and other activities. There are a variety of hot spots in Karnataka that are exactingly famous for trekking like Ramnagar, Chikamagalur, Shimoga, Coorg, Anthagange, Hassan and many such fascinating places which offer wide range of activity near Bangalore. What do you feel about cloudburst trail? Pull up your rain jacket and head over to see some of the most gorgeous nature trekking in Bangalore.

One thing which remains scattered in each and every trek is the immaculate beauty of the surrounding and fascinating trials. This is a fact that the amount of thrill and temptation which exists in the treks of our country is certainly unbeatable. What one gets here in terms of trekking is absolutely hard to find anywhere else on this planet.


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