Bangalore Camping: A Freedom to have a preference

Camping is also an exciting adventure activity which is all about spending some time on your own, away from the noise and buzz of the city. Camping sounds like a good thought. However we must tell you, finding camping grounds that are not jam-packed can be a challenge, particularly in the area of Bangalore.

places around Bangalore

We found that most spots are in private and owned and offers camping with some set of activities to be performed. There are some isolated spots available as well but those places are safe and sound only if you are travelling with the team.

Hanging on terraced lake coast, adjacent to the hills on the other side around and the lake itself is huddle within stones and big rock gardens and wooded scenery, south-east of Savandurga a small mount. It is surrounded by the range 50 kilometres around Bangalore, you have what is most likely a super class camp site with numerous things to do even if you simply want to loaf around with the team.

We have corporate activities at different places that are camped out with team over night yet hiking trips and mountain biking are most thrilling events. People fall in love with this place because of the kind of Camping ambience it offers. You will also like to overlook the tents and you will find it better enough knowing that there’s clean running water and well constructed log cabin along with the food that is available on the spot.

The camp also offers a lot of choice for things to do, but the site on the water pond and in the middle of rock gardens and tiny little hills, offers outstanding rock climbing and kayaking opportunities. There is also about 30 miles of biking trail in the surrounding area of the camp location.

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