Bheemeshwari – Adventure in the midst of Cauvery

If you are looking at adventure holiday trip out of Bangalore to get rid of everyday hectic traffic and to lay off your work pressure, Bheemeshwari is the place that promises the complete relaxation to your mind. This place can offer you the joys of trekking, white water rafting, and bird watching amenities at an easy 3-1/2 hour drive away from Bangalore.

Bheemeshwari located in the beautiful Mandya district which is a small but beautiful town, it is one among several well known places around Bangalore  for adventure and nature tourists. This sanctuary is located in the midst of the beautiful waterfalls of Barachukki, Mekedatu and Gaganachukki. Bheemeshwari is at a distance of 100 km away from Bangalore, and this is what it makes an ideal weekend getaway. From city life this is a good place, easily accessible getaway to relax your soul. This lush green hideout offers you a slice of nature-tranquil, quiet surroundings and a charming locale untouched by the chaos, encumber, and deafening noises of urban life. A strong wall of peacefulness that doesn’t even let the mobile signal pierce in to disturb your peace of mind. For those of you who can be content with this, you will enjoy Bheemeshwari.

Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known for adventure weekend getaway near Bangalore. Bheemeshwari is a natural habitation of the legendary Mahseer fish. The sanctuary has set up a number of thrilling and accountable angling options to visitors. The adjacent forest is the natural home of a great number of animals like elephants, monkeys, leopards, deer, and wild boars. In addition to these there are various birds that tourists can sight while they are trekking.


This is a great place to be for tourists who want to enjoy trekking to one of the best places in the region. Bheemeshwari has a lot to offer by way of beautiful green surroundings, wildlife and a perfect fishing spot. The area is surrounded by beautiful valleys and drained by numerous rivers and streams. There are many trekking routes in the area and the travelers can choose between the easy and the difficult ones.

The waters of the Cauvery are just right and exceptionally wonderful for the tourists to go on exciting boat rides. The river flows through the lush green forests and a cruise through the river would notify the tourists with the wealthy and diverse vegetation of the area. They can also spectacle different animals and birds in the forests while they are passing through the river.

Many adventure companies offer various fun filled activities at Bheemeshwari as part the package. Activities such as

  • Trekking through 
    wild nature
    : The Bheemeshwari Sanctuary gives the tourist a chance to discover a trekker inside him. The trekking at Bheemeshwari is a great opportunity to spot over 200 species of birds and animals. It is also the natural territory of the Jackals, spotted deer, Giant Malabar Squirrel and the migratory passageway for elephants.
  • Angling: the legendary fish “Mahseeer” thrive in the Cauvery at stretches near Bheemeshwari. For those who are fond of fishing, angling equipm
  • ent is accessible on hire at these camps.
  • Kayaking: Kayaking in solo or two-seater kayaks in peaceful ambiance of the Cauvery give an adrenaline rush to tourists
  • Coracle Rides: Coracle sailing is accessible for adventure seekers. Coracles are basket shaped rafts intended to seat one or two. The boatmen guide these fragile craft in the swift current and are proficient at exciting the guests by moving the craft round and round in the variable waters.
  • Mountain bik
    : it is the fulfilled sport of riding ATV off-road, often over uneven terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes.
  • Jummaring or jugging: It is the modus operandi of climbers who use to ascend a rope. It is held in reserve for aid climbing where the climbers are climbing near featureless faces of rock.

Bheemeshwari is a place where time seems to stand still and motionless. One can doze around in hammocks along the riverbank, take relaxed walks along the river, or snoop to the bird-calls and be at peace.


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  1. arsh /

    very nice place around banagalore to chill of the weekend.

  2. Ronie /

    Bheemeshwari is totally awesome place for adventure activities. I did fishing and felt like a real hunter J. Enjoyed like hell. Thanks adventurenest J

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