• What Are the Best Adventure Sports with family and friends?

    Adventure travelling is a type of tourism which involves exploration or the travel with the certain degree of risk, and it may require special skills and physical exertion. Adventure travel has been grown in the recent decades as the tourists where they seek out of the ordinary or the roads less travelled. Adventure travel may have some tourist activity which includes physical activity, cultural exchange and connection with nature. There are so many types of adventure travel such as accessible tourism, culinary tourism, and cultural tourism and many more. In adventure travel they will be having some of the activities

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  • 5 Adventure Sports in India Everyone Should Do At Least Once In Lifetime

    You have only one life don’t waste it enjoy each and every moments by capturing the whole world Now I am going to introduce you the best 5 adventure sports that everyone should feel & play them in their lifetime. Seriously you will feel amazing we promise you that you will love adventure games. We being one of the adventure in Bangalore have many adventure places. Now we are going tolist 5 adventure sports which are really amazing and damn going with it. Tweet

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  • 10 Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is Good for You

    Whenever we hear the word ‘adventure’ is an activity which definitely comes into our mind. Holding the ropes and a backpack, these things starts filming in our minds. Only way to is to move by foot. Feeling the nature and sceneries, climbing the rocks or navigating through hills, spending nights in tents with bonfires, trekking is all of these. At Adventure Nest we conduct trekking in destinations like Ramanagara, Antharagange, Bheemeshwari, Coorg, Kodachadri, Mullayangiri, Kumara Parvatha and Savandurga. We have a professional team to conduct safely. Can you think of anything else that can do all that? It will improve your physical health. Scientists have proven that our modern

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  • Night trek in Ramanagar- A marvellous destination which is well known for trekking!

    Ramanagar is situated 50 kilometres away from Bangalore is one among the most popular trekking spots near Bangalore. Ramanagar is surrounded by rock hillocks and is an ideal destination for adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing and many more. It is a must have destination in your adventure bucketlist and no adventure is ever complete without trekking at Ramanagar. It is also an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts as it comprises of scenic beauty and will leave you awestruck by the spectacular view atop the hill. At Ramanagar, Adventure Nest has its own campsite which is dispersed in 2 acres

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  • Top 15 Must Try Adventure Sports in India

    Here are some of the adrenaline pumping, heart pounding adventure activities in some of the coolest places in India for all the adventure junkies and must have places in your adventure bucket list. Here is your excuse to ditch the monotony of 9 to 5 life and head for a much-deserved vacation. So let the adrenaline race begin in some of the India’s most stunning Destinations. 1. Trekking- Roopkund, Uttarakhand For those who enjoy more heroic experiences, this trek presents an opportunity to view Roopkund’s famous Mystery Lake. The glacial lake is also known as Skeleton Lake on account of

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  • Biggest question on Adventure outing


    In this day and age, there are more explorers on the boulevard than ever before, places you visited that were incredibly amazing and have gone forbidden these days, shares a lot of experiences in ways the people of the next generation could never imagine. In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s fair to ask big questions about the future of travel and how we’re changing our planet by exploring it. We hope that you can find the answer to the question which is boiling among the people. What can be an adventure is the biggest question that can be answered

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  • Live the life with Adventure


    Adventure sport is the hottest trend in Bangalore to experience the excitement and set your adrenalin levels rushing by indulging in adventure sports. This newly found recreation is quickly catching up among adventure lovers. The variety of adventure sports in Bangalore ranges from Scuba diving to the daring paragliding and white water rafting. A best way to relax and refresh after a hectic, chronic week is to set off on weekend getaways around Bangalore. There are some famous adventure spots which are flourished with greenery like Bheemeshwari, Chikmagalur etc and there are some others that only demand a day of

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  • The ultimate adventure


    The idea of trekking in India has positively gained a momentum and the trekkers who pay a visit to the trekking trails are not only from India, but also from other overseas countries. India is expeditiously growing and has become a major trekking destination. Its area covers hills and dales, lush tropical forests, caves and the perfect coastline offers diversity to the tourist’s trip. Trekking through different parts of India gives a chance to the trekkers to add comprehension into the perfect beauty of the places and the captivating flora and fauna. The adventurous range of Himalaya’s presence in the country

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  • Bangalore Camping: A Freedom to have a preference

    places around Bangalore

    Camping is also an exciting adventure activity which is all about spending some time on your own, away from the noise and buzz of the city. Camping sounds like a good thought. However we must tell you, finding camping grounds that are not jam-packed can be a challenge, particularly in the area of Bangalore. We found that most spots are in private and owned and offers camping with some set of activities to be performed. There are some isolated spots available as well but those places are safe and sound only if you are travelling with the team. Hanging on

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  • Places around Bangalore: travel around to seek splendor

    Places around bangalore

    All through the weekdays, many corporate centers of Bangalore are bustling with activity like deadlines to meet; hectic programs to abide by and gigantic workload take its charge on the employees at these corporate offices. With the idea of team outings Bangalore’s leisure zones purely have the time of their lives. Let us explore some of the favorite places for corporate team outings around Bangalore. Coorg: An attractive hill station perfumed by the acres of tea and coffee plantation surrounding it, Coorg is a favorite tourist spot for families and corporate teams. It has the perfect ensemble of misty hills,

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