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Windsurfing is an exceptional blend of surfing and sailing, which involves the surfer to regulate his strength and balance to the varying patterns of wind and water.
Windsurfing guides and experts who are with us have perfect places for beginners. The usual winds and the quiet sea, confirms almost good conditions. The daybreak breeze is light and steady — just precise for beginners; but however stronger winds that set in during the mid-afternoons deal a perfect challenge for the expert.

wind surfing

Ferry Sailing

A lovely change from windsurfing is ferry sailing, often referred to as ‘beer and sandwich’ sailing with the winds in “Goa” so gentle most of the time, this particular sport offers its participants much time to ease in grace.
Cruisers are available for hire to perform sailing. Trainers are always available for novice. These odd feet extended crafts hold around five people easily. The calm water in places like Goa being the compassionate thing “sailing” has to offer.
With two sails and side floors to sit upon, cruiser sailing is as exciting as windsurfing and it is not essential to be either alert or young to enjoy this form of adventure game.

ferry sailing

Water Skiing

For the ones who love adventure with kind of speed adventure sports, we offer the delights into the sea on speed motorboats. The high-quality powerboats which are available in some adventurous places, can reach up to the speed of about fifty miles per hour.
These boats, which can accommodate between five to seven individuals, are accessible with us at the beach Resorts. They can be suitably used for exploring tourism as well as water-skiing.

Water Skiing


The beach adventure offers a diverse and abundant, almost infinite, source of sea food, still reasonable and completely fresh.


Para sailing                  

Great leaflets among the speed lovers can choose for para sailing. We have resort hotels that provide you the necessary equipment for this enthralling sport.
There’s a rope about 250 feet long attached to the para sail hitch at one end and to the motorboat at the other. When the boat speeds off on the water, the para sail just takes one or two steps and you are lifted into the air, the para sail lifting behind you.

Para sailing

Water Scooter

Water scooters can accommodate three people at most on a ride. This action sport offers all the thrills of a motorbike with the gentleness of an ocean. Camp Bay Beach Dive & Adventure Resort is located on the beautiful Bay Islands, located just about 30 miles from the Honduras mainland in the Caribbean Sea. As one of world’s biggest Barrier Reefs, the Bay Islands are truly amazing.
We offer the most exciting and exclusive activities and trips for visitors. Starting from Camping, Trekking, Scuba Diving & Snorkel Trips, Kayaking, Forest Tours, Hiking, Boating Tours to corporate tours and more adventure expeditions.

water scooter

Our exceptional places provide you an advantage for Para sailing and Wind Surfing which is the perfect hangouts which is still a surprise for mankind. Numerous activities are also available with us such as Rock climbing, Zip-line, Cave exploration, Mountain trekking, River crossing and many other interesting sports. 

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