Make 2014 your year for adventure excursion

One of the extremely well-known places for trekking hot spot is in the Western Ghats which is one of the greatest ways to take a close look of natural world besides enjoying the much anticipated Adventure.

A perfect coastline deals with a variety of hills and dales, lush tropical forests, caves for the traveler’s expedition.  One such state in India is Karnataka, which is a paradise with plentiful nature that brings up adventure sports and other activities. There are variety of hot spots in Karnataka that are extremely famous for trekking near Bangalore like “Chikamagalur, Shimoga, Coorg, Hassan” and many such unbelievable places which offers a wide range of activity near Bangalore. It is quickly growing and coming up as a major hiking destination in India. Take a look at a couple of other places around Bangalore that are well known for adventure.


Savana Durga is extremely famous for trekking: A huge monolith which is near Magadi goes up to 4100 feet above sea level. It is attached with two huge mounts called Biligudda and Karigudda which is separated by a gigantic valley that looks pretty much similar to the popular place called Ramanagar.


Mekedatu, Karighatta: Mekedatu is an ideal place next to the river Cauvery in the Taluk called as Kanakapura, From this point if you go around 4 kilometers downstream you can watch the river Cauvery flowing through a deep narrow gorgeous one which you can’t even imagine in your mind. Other places that are renowned for trekking in Bangalore are Antara Gange, Skandagiri, Bheemeshwari etc.

 Grand Adventure sports! 

This activity has gained popularity and rapidly catching up the people of Bangalore. There are diversity of adventure activities in starting from Scuba diving to the daring paragliding and white water rafting as well.

scuba diving

Scuba Diving : Very interesting sport that bring collective strength and efforts to provide chance for safe and pleasurable diving experiences.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping: It is to simply say that it is the name of daring under fire. Jumping from a height of about 120 to 500 feet and not just a piece of cake!! Meaning – you require the training for performing this activity. We provide you all the necessary training classes to play these adventurous sports.  It’s only for those who don’t care about being scared!


 Paragliding: Ever wanted to soar through the air with the wind rushing past you? If towering the heights has always been your vision, your aim can just be a jump away!


Wonder la –It is also one of the good adventure in Bangalore which is 28 kilometers away from Bangalore and has got a lot of adventure to do. It offers a massive amount of entertainment and pleasure for all age groups. 

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