• Bond with the delightful nature

    Over a period of time, there is a contradictory difference between the understanding of worldly people and that of devotee. A worldly wise person lives for himself and invariably things, “What’s in for me?” By contrast, fan follower of devotee thinks, “what does God want?” Everything a worldly person does is intended to take him outside of himself; on the other hand everything a devotee does is intended to remind him of who he is inside. It is important to develop this interiorised awareness. We must aggressively foster this state, because the world trains us to see things in a

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  • Corporate Team Outing


    Corporate team outing is a great way to unite team members and bring them closer together. The major objective behind corporate team outing is to motivate team-building strategies among team which in turn results in productivity. Taking your team members outside the usual workplace helps them to break down political and personal differences, eliminate diversions, counter distractions, and obviously to have fun and feel relaxed. The advantages of team-building programs through corporate team outing are considerably beneficial that many corporations started getting involved in team building strategies into their standard training core curriculum. Some benefits of Corporate team outing include: Improves confidence

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  • Team Outing: Together everybody achieves more

    Team building is a philosophy of job design in which employees are viewed as part of mutually dependent teams instead of individual workers. Working as a consistent team does not always happen naturally, making it compulsory for the group to participate in a team building program intend to make teams more useful features activities and action that will make even the most displeased team members feel better about being a part of the team. Whether teams engage in short bonding exercises or multi-day retreats filled with games, they should come forward smiling and ready to work together. Exiting team outing

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  • Team outing: Crossing over the barrier

    Team outing Bangalore

    Team outing is the best experience anywhere in India. The thrill of walking though the wilds, making bonfires, pitching tents and spending the night after a day of adventure would really be an exciting adventure. Hiding amidst rocks and trees to play paintball is going to be fun. Team building activities can only make your group stronger. Kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming can bring an entirely new experience. Your camping will be complete with stay in our Camping tents, freshly cooked food, and a beautiful early morning trek. Activities like zip line across water, Rock Rappelling will also make you

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  • Adventure: The pursuit of life

    Resorts around Bangalore

    Have you been out of doors lately? At any time if you get a thought that crosses your mind regarding the adventure activities and places without any solutions for your thought, then Adventure nest is always at your disposal. We provide you the analytical explanations for all your plans and proceedings that include plentiful Adventure events like Mountain Biking, Trekking, Water Sports, River Rafting and Team Building events like ice walk, Fire Walk, cob web, Ice Breakers, acid walk, egg drop, pipeline and other activities including transporting, construction, obstacles, paint ball and tent pitching. We also offer indoor team activities

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  • A trip to Coorg in India

    Team outing bangalore

    Want to get out of every day hustle and bustle? Planning a trip to make up your mind? Do you have a lengthy weekend coming up and want to head out and have fun somewhere down south India to experience the beautiful winter?  Confused about which best southern Indian place to visit this winter?  If you’re looking for a lovely south Indian vacation or an adventure trip, Coorg is a place that can offer the whole thing for you. Coorg is obviously the perfect holiday spot in south India whose ravishing winter beauty promises to give pleasure to toddlers, young

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