The best adventure to face the fear

We are the fragment of X Adventures which was started on 1997. We have 15 years of experience in organizing Adventurous tours all over India. We have six highly experienced and qualified trainers who have attained training at Himalayas.

 Fire walk

Individuals practice of fire walking by challenging the impossible to walk on the fire that impacts team building, happenings, sessions, tasks, training and other involvements. Due to its handy features, the Fire Walking can be followed practically any place without the possibility of risk to partakers.


A classic Fire walking training is tailored to the theme of your team build, event – followed by the Fire Walk activity itself. Schedule for the full workshop can be anywhere from 40-60 minutes which is influenced by your program.


Shatter the manner in which you think the luxury zone to precede with challenges and what you assumed as difficult or impossible; if you can dare to overcome fire walk what else can you overcome besides this?

  • To face fear and teach the body how to travel forward and make judgments? You bet!
  • To travel through superficial difficulties and boundaries? You bet!
  • To magnify your existing realm of possibility? You bet!

By means of fire walk as a team outing workout offers a pathway for us to change our limitations in an optimistic way. This incredible activity will certainly develop your attitude which brings about anticipation in delegates as to what more is promising! This is one of the most phenomenal team building activities that anybody can have a life time experience. It makes an enormous and long-lasting impression on the individual. Fire walking has a remarkable outcome for a team.

face the fear

This can be mutually combined with a lot of activities like river rafting, quad biking, archery, paintball, and many more! Fire walking is essential for your successful team building which can be performed in different location or at any other place where you want us!

Location is your choice.

We would arrange the Transport, Food and Accommodation facilities for you and your team including equipment of Fire Walk, Safety Equipment’s, 2 trainers, and an instructor. A glance on adventure tour packages which offers excellent affordable travel plans  with your buddies  full of life!.

To confirm the program we request you to pay 50% of the amount in Advance and rest 50% after the program.


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