The Ultimate Adventure Paintball Activity

Paintball is one of the the most popular outdoor adventure activity. This game is played in over 40 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. Whether high school students, professionals, corporate teams or retirees paintball players share in common a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit.

This technology is also used by military forces, in this game players use safety equipment’s like protective goggles and Delta Force includes full-length combat suits with padded collars, suit of Armour, which requires more than just speed, agility, strength and a good physical condition

Some Basic Rules of Paintball

  1. Masks on: Within any given area of the paintball field, either all players  masks must be on,  markers must either have a barrel block in place or be disconnected from their gas source, to ensure that a paintball cannot be fired from any nearby marker and cause eye injury.
  2. Minimum Distance: A minimum distance rule; such as 15 feet (4.5 m), whereby players cannot shoot an opponent if they are closer than this distance.
  3. Hit: A player is hit if a paintball leaves a solid, quarter-sized mark anywhere on the player’s body or equipment
  4. Overshooting: we discourage players from overshooting  which is to repeatedly shoot a player after they are eliminated from the game. It is also considered overshooting if a player knew the opponent was eliminated but continued to shoot, disregarding the safety of the opposing player and risking dangerous injury to others.
  5. Ramping: Ramping is a feature of many electronic markers, where after a certain number of rapid shots or upon a threshold rate-of-fire being achieved by the player, the gun will begin firing faster than the trigger is being pulled. Ramping of rate of fire is prohibited.
  6. Wiping: Players may attempt to cheat by wiping paint from themselves, to pretend they were not hit and stay in the game. If caught, “wipers” are generally called out of the game
  7. Non-contact: Players are generally prohibited from physically contacting other players, such as colliding with them, physically restraining them, and especially using fists, feet, protective gear or the markers themselves to hit other players

Benefits of Playing Paintball

Playing paintball can be good for more than just fun. There are numerous health benefits as well & organizational benefits as well.

  • Physical and Mental Benefits :

Paintball offers mental health benefits. Paintball is an effective team game which results in physical exercise and you will feel better about  yourself,it  is also one of the most effective ways to increase your metabolic rate.

  • Spicing up your Exercise Regime :

Paintball is a great activity for those who don’t have time a to go the gym and simply lazy. Regular exercisers can also benefit from paintball as it adds variety to their workout . Paintball  allows the players to experience a whole range of movements like running, climbing, ducking & many more .

  • Weight Loss and Immunity:

Paintball also helps in weight loss. This activity reduces fat and boosts metabolism. A part from burning more calories, regular exercise through paintball also reduces risk of heart diseases, blood pressure and depression.

  • Stress Relief:

Working professionals will be exposed to the most stressful life.Sometimes the stress can deeply affect the mental health of the person. paintball is one of the best ways to to  attain relaxation and also increases your problem solving skills.

  • Teamwork and Leadership:

Paintball is mainly a team sport with a goal. In order to win the game,the  team should communicate with other teams and fulfill the objective,all players work with team and collaborate which develops team spirit .Main goal of this activity improves  team spirit.and  increase your leadership skills.

  • Absolute Entertainment:

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds attention & interest ,Paintball is becoming increasingly popular not because it aids weight loss and improves team building skills, but it is simple and entertaining. paintball always includes excitement which makes it the perfect group activity.

Paintball conducted by:

  • Farmhouse Parties- Birthday celebrations, Bachelor parties, Family get together
  • Corporate Offsite- Conference, Corporate day-outs, Inventive plan meets, Partner meets/summits
  • Carnivals, Exhibitions, Large scale events- A sure shot way to engage your audience
  • Schools and College functions
  • Alumni Associations’ get-together


Our Paintball Conducting Methods :

  1. Safety  goggles must be worn at all times
  2. No Shooting At The Neck Or head. Players may never intentionally fire at another player’s head.
  3. Do Not Shoot The Wildlife.Anyone caught shooting the wildlife will be immediately eliminated from the park.
  4. No Blind Firing Players must always be looking at their targets.
  5. No Shooting Into Or Out Of Parking areas . Players may never discharge their markers anywhere with the exception of the Target Range or the particular field that their game is being held on.Barrel socks are required at all times and may only be removed at the Target Range or on the instruction of a Referee on the playing field.Only products manufactured with the intent of being a barrel sock may be used. Squeegees and other such items may not be used.
  6. No Climbing Of Trees , Structure Players may never climb any trees; go through any windows, onto any structures , on top of, or under any vehicles.
  7. No Physical Contact Players may never touch another player or his equipment.
  8. No Unauthorized Equipment Players are not allowed to bring onto the playing field equipment deemed to be unsafe.

Why Should You Choose Adventure Nest for Paintball Activity:

  1. We will conduct activity wherever you need to perform.
  2. We have a well equipped comfortable base camp.
  3. Friendly team of staff
  4. Spectator viewing area.
  5. Choice of activity – Paintball, Low-impact Paintball
  6. Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers
  7. Physical and Mental Benefits
  8. Teamwork and leadership
  9. Weight loss and immunity
  10. Stress relief
  11. Absolute entertainment

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