A miraculous abode to escape from Bangalore

Tour to India is not complete without visiting the south India. One of the famous places for adventure in south India is Karnataka which is well-known for its superior spices and mesmerizing trade-off palaces like – Mysore, Coorg, Ramnagar, Nandi hills, Gokarna, Nagahole National Park and many more.

Mysore palace

Mysore Palace has one of the most glorious royal heritages which offer a view not to be missed for any visitor. The interior of the Palace is equally significant for its large halls, paintings and architectural magnificence. The palace is tremendous blend of Indo-Saracen architecture and there are many other interesting palaces, buildings and temples to watch. Mysore is also famous for its sandalwood, Ashtanga yoga.

Coorg comes in Kodagu region which is an extremely charming and appealing mountainous region in southern Karnataka; Know for adventure and it is not too far away from Bangalore and Mysore. The area is popular for its extensive coffee estates which have dazzling scenic beauty. The climax of a trip to Coorg is undoubtedly a vacation to spend time in the middle of coffee plantations.


Gokarna is located in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. Gokarna is famous for its historic temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and mesmerizing beaches. It’s outlined with the magnificent Western Ghats, and the beaches are sparkling and sort of less crowd. The primary attraction of the city is Mahabaleshwar temple which houses all the stuff which was given to Ravan by Lord Shiva himself.

Nagarahole national Park is a fashionable hunting reserve of the former rulers of Mysore which is situated in Nilgiri mountain chains around 90 km away from Mysore near Karnataka border. The Nagarahole National Park is the most excellent place for you to closely watch the wild animals in the forest. A visit to the park can be an incredible experience and the time you spend here is unforgettable.

Nagarhole Park

Nandi Hills or Nandi Betta or Nandi durg is an antique hill fortress of located in the Chikkaballapur region of Karnataka. This is a cluster of hills that lies at an average altitude of about 1,475 meters above from the sea level, at a distance of around 65 km from Bangalore.  River Palar, River Arkavati and River Pennar find their way beginning from Nandi Hills. There is also a stunning lake known as Amruth Sarovar in this beautiful place.

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