What Are the Best Adventure Sports with family and friends?

Adventure travelling is a type of tourism which involves exploration or the travel with the certain degree of risk, and it may require special skills and physical exertion. Adventure travel has been grown in the recent decades as the tourists where they seek out of the ordinary or the roads less travelled. Adventure travel may have some tourist activity which includes physical activity, cultural exchange and connection with nature. There are so many types of adventure travel such as accessible tourism, culinary tourism, and cultural tourism and many more. In adventure travel they will be having some of the activities which are explained below in this article.


Rappelling which is also known as Abseiling where it involves breaking the descent from heights in a controlled way. Where it requires sliding which is across the path by means of rope and the security which is assured by the use of good knotting techniques and other safety requirements. Rock climbers use this protected technique to traverse steep areas of a mountain which can otherwise prove to be dangerous. As a recreational activity, this adrenaline pumping activity is enjoyable across age groups, professional and personal backgrounds. There are different levels of difficulties to choose from, as a beginner all one needs is an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

Rappelling- moving away from the cliff on the rope, even after securing yourself to the best possible extent requires much conviction both in your own self and the team. As it is usually done in a group, learning to trust your partner or prepare yourself for unexpected situations is very important to begin with the process itself. We at Adventure nest being the professional team will provide Ramnagar adventure day trips from Bangalore.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a very exciting and a challenging sports in the adventure tourism where it will give you the rush like no other. Where it combines physical strength and the mental focus. Rock climbing will study the routes, which figure outs the moves as they go, and they will use insane power, flexibility and agility to conquer the dizzying heights. The aim of the rock climbing is to reach the summit or the destination which has been pre-defined route without falling.

Rock climbing is been the mentally demand sport. Where it requires strength and also the mental control. This can be dangerous activity where it requires some techniques about the climbing and it requires some special equipment’s.

Zip line

Zip line which is also known as Sypline where it consists of a pulley which is suspended on the cable which is usually made of the stainless steel, mounted on the slope. Zip lines have come in many forms which is often used by many means of entertainment. It may be short or a long which is intended for the child’s play and been found on some of the playgrounds. Longer and the higher slides will be often used by the means of accessing the remote areas such as rain forest canopy.

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Rifle shooting

Rifle shooting is been the collective group of competitive and recreational sporting activities which is been involving the proficiency tests of the accuracy, precision and the speed. Where they have been using the various types of the ranged weapons which mainly refers to the man-portable guns such as rifles, handguns, firearms. Shooting sports have been categorized by the equipment and the shooting distance and also the time limits. Shooting sports may be involved with both the team or may be an individual competition.


Archery this word has come from the Latin arcus. Where it is a skill or an activity which is using the bow to propel the arrows. Archery is been using for the hunting and the combat. Nowadays it has been mainly competitive sport and been the recreational activity. The person who participates in the archery is been typically called as an archer or the bowman. The person who is expert in archery is known as a toxophilite.

Archery is often known as a stationary sport. Competitive archives require some amount of strength and also endurance to focus. If you are very familiar with the demands of the sport. You will be surprised that there are many health benefits in participating archery.


Kayaking it is the use of kayak for the moving across the water. Where it has been distinguished from the canoeing. Kayak is been classified by their design and the materials from which they have been made. Each and every design will be having their specific advantage which includes performance, stability and the paddling style.

All these teachings will not come if you sit idle, start exploring yourself with the world to learn something new in your life.

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