Chimney Climbing

Chimney Climbing

Climbing is a form of escapism which takes you to the most beautiful parts of the world. While climbing your concentration should be absolute and you need to carefully follow the rules and techniques in order to reach the end point. Chimney climbing involves scrambling over boulders or up to easy rock steps. Its not only to climb from point A to B, its like a verical chess game which may pose many questions and brings surprises. The feeling to move fluently and smoothly over rock is exciting and adrenaline rushing activity.

Chimneys come from many shapes and sizes, generally there are two sizes that accepts standad chimney climbing techniques. There are so many techniques like;

1. The back and foot width

This is the easiest and comfortable chimney wherein the participant can easily fit and climb without any problems.

2. Stemming Width

This type of chimney is too wide for the back and foot method. Here you straddle the gap by placing each foot on opposite walls.

3. Off-Width

This is the mot feared and challenging climb which can be done by experts where in its too narrow to allow the body inside but too wide to allow conventional crack climbing.

4. Arms lock & Arms Bars

This is a technique where one arm is inserted and pushed by applying pressure on the palm. This exerts force on the palm and the legs will be moved creatively.

5. Shoulder Locks

This is a technique when chimney is too narrow, wherein you will be moving forward with the help of your shoulders.

6. Squeeze Chimneys

Any chimney wherein you barely fit and you need to move with the help of your heals or toes. The techniques like foot works and arm works are used inorder to climb these type of chimneys.

Chimney climbing increases the co-ordination and metabolism rate. Its whole body workout which is purely based on physical and mental strength. By participating in this activity once can gain self confidence and screw the fears in them. It provides the spirit to perform any critical activities, enhances problem solving skills and helps in prioritizing the tasks.

Good footwork in climbing will keep the weight of your arms and over your feet. Your legs are ten times stronger than your arms. So let them do the work. The essential factors to consider while climbing are self control, strength, positive enthusiasm and endurance.

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