Kayaking is a life changing activity, it’s a famous sport because all adventure sports stresses on physical strength but this water sport is all about technique.There are many wonderful destinations for Kayaking in Bangalore. Kayaking is a sport which requires lot of mind and body training. The kayak is a long, narrow watercraft with sharp ends, it is designed to cut through water and has tapering ends which makes them easy to manuever.

Kayaking activity can be conducted in still waters, rivers based on the location you choose. Kayaking has numerous health benefits wherein it improves cardiovascular fitness, increses muscular strength of legs, arms, shoulders and chest. It even reduces risk of wear and tear on joints and tissues. Paddling is a great way to enjoy waterways and kayaking will be a peaceful activity, meditative or even exhilarating when played with your team. Wherein you can have internal competition and have a dashing sport.

Adventurenest organizes the best kayaking activity in Bangalore.We endeavor to provide a safe and friendly environment for our participants. Therefore, safety is a priority. All of our instructors are certified Our teaching philosophy involves establishing a solid foundation with skills that are perfected on flat water, gradually exposing our students to progressively higher grades of White Water.

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