Most of us have rushed daily routines and you may miss numerous valuable moments in your life. You may have tough deadlines to meet, compromises to make in our social life and many more. To counter that, it is important to let the steam off every now and then. There are some amazing destinations around Bangalore for one day getaways closer to the city.
We help you in recommending the places and also arrange for day outings in Bangalore. Just let your hair down and enjoy your trip.

7 Best Destinations Around Bangalore


Ramnagara is considered as the Mecca of Rock Climbers and it’s one of the most popular Trekking, Rock Climbing spot around Bangalore. It’s located just 50 kilometers from the main city. If you have a goal to climb the Mount Everest in your lifetime, then instead of practicing on artificial walls you can choose ramnagara as your rehearsal spot.

The rocks of Ramnagar are greater than artificial walls. You will experience the adrenaline rush while climbing each of the walls and in some days you will be an expert climber.

We at Adventure Nest have a campsite which is surrounded by natural rocky hills. You can enjoy your trekking with your team or family. We have custom programs for different age groups. We conduct corporate team outings, family day & night outings, Adventure Activities, resort outing, camping, team building activities. Some of the activities are well known in ramnagar like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Zip-Line, Chimney Climbing, Kayaking, Jummarring, Land Zorbing, ATV ride, Camping, Night trekking & team building activities.

We have a paintball set up at ramnagar, your team can participate in the coloured splash. It is really exciting sport.

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Want to spend some time in a calm and serene environment? Come & enjoy the scenic beauty and indulge yourselves in nature walks, spending time with your team or loved ones, sightseeing in the forest.

It is just 100 kilometers from Bangalore and you willexperience a blend of innumerable list of adventure sports, this destination has become one of the highest visited holiday destinations around Bangalore.

Here, you can trek towards top of the hill to get a panoramic view of the Cauvery flowing through the fascinating valley below. A range of Adventure activities will be conducted by Adventure Nest like fishing, Trekking, Nature walk, Camping in jungle, coracle ride, Zip line, Rappelling and many more. Book your weekends in one click !

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Makalidurga hill is 60 km on the outskirts of Bangalore. The fort is on the top of the hill which captures the most beautiful sunrise & sunsets. This beautiful hill is surrounded by the lake which looks like the South American continent.

By choosing makalidurga as your destination you can enjoy your trek, which offers a lot of excitement.

The Adventure activities like trekking, rappelling can be conducted with a blend of team building activities and paintball.

Great Combinations of activities only from AdventureNest


Manchinbele is a small water reservoir situated 40 kms from Bangalore. The dam was initially built for irrigation purpose and now it is one of the major sources of water inMagadi Town. Manchinbele dam is constructed across Arkavathi River and the area is covered for agriculture under the ‘Thore Saalu Project’.

This place is considered as an ideal weekend getaway.

Adventurenest conducts featured activities like Trekking, Kayaking, Water sports, Bamboo rafting and many more Team building activities. You can join with us for customized packages & itinerary.

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Anthargange is one of the stunning inner streams which has series of rock formations surrounded by a dense forest comprising of some wildlife in it. The altitude of hilly terrain is 1712 meters from sea level. This hill range is with huge volcanic rocks and thorny shrubs which cover the hills.

It is the best destination for light trek, rock climbing and other adventures.

We conduct Night treks which is a stunning activity and camp by encountering the beauty of nature. While trekking you come across caves, rappelling & team building activities. Even the visitors can explore some of the ancient temples and their architecture in the foothills of Anthargange.

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Kunti Betta:

Kunti betta is a picturesque hill in pandavapura taluk, which consists of 2 to 3 mountains. It is just 130 kilometers from Bangalore and 3 hour trek, which is ideal for nature lovers, thrill seekers, adventure lovers & backpackers will enjoy this journey.During night trekking you will experience an adventure accompanied with fire flies, a starry night and local anecdotes makes this a magical experience. You will only hear Crunching footsteps resonated with deep silence.

On the way towards the peak of mountain you can see a panoramic tiny villages and the Thonnur Lake beside.

We conduct day outings comprising of all adventure activities and water sports in Kunti betta. The day outing comprises of the activities like Hiking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, Jummaring, Kayaking, night trekking and Swimming with life jackets in this destination. We will arrange for camping with bonfire activity at the base of the peak and you will sight the first rays of glowing sun touching this part of the earth.

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Savandurga hills are located about 60 km from Bangalore. Savanadurga hills raises to a height of about 1,200 meters from ground level. It consists of two hills which are famously called as Billigudda & Karigudda.

A lot of Adventure lovers will never miss this trek and breathe taking scenic beauty.

Savandurga is also an ideal place for photography lovers who can capture rare pics of landscape photography. Cave exploration is a popular activity wherein you can experience the splendid views of many caves. You can trek until the steepest part of hill with us. After trekking, getting downhill is really fun and easier. We conduct rappelling from top of the hill which is really an adrenaline rushing activity.

We conduct Trekking, Rappelling, Cave Exploration, Camping, Fun & Team building activities at Savandurga.

Great Combinations of activities only from AdventureNest

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Best Destinations around Bangalore