Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity where participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations.There are many wonderful destinations for rock climbing in Bangalore. This activity can be conducted throughout the year. There are two types of rock climbing Artificial Rock Climbing and Natural Rock Climbing. Climbing enhances confidence and self-reliance as climbers pushes hard and rush out from their comfort zones. It is just like playing a chess on 30 ft vertical board. Once the goal is completed, What a great feeling of success ? This is what is climbing all about.

Climbing is all about your feet. Footwork is the last skill which will be addressed last when climbers try to progress. Climbing helps you to optimally balance your weight by reducing strain on your forearm and puts your body in a position to effectively to reach the next steps of handholds.

Physical benefits of Rock Climbing

It is a difficult sport. You’re required to use your strength to cling to the wall and often times you are holding most of your muscles in a static hold, constantly tensed. Your arms will become stronger because your arms will be used to traverse the climbing wall. Its full body workout which enhances your strength, endurance and speed in most muscle groups on your body. The nature of the exercise forces you to use your entire body to climb the wall, not just your upper body.

Psycological Benefits of Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing stimulates and improves your cognitive ability, problem solving skills, confidence etc. It makes your goals strong because while climbing initially we set goals and will be motivated tp achieve those without giving up. It enhances your concentration and makes you be be aware of yourself and your surroundings. If you can climb up a mountain, you can do anything that’s confidence.


When you’re climbing you always want to get to the top, and you’ll keep trying to get there. That’s what makes it such a good sport because it teaches you life skills as well as giving you a workout. We conduct rock climbing activity across India wherever you wish to perform. We have expert climbers who will train you and hels you to reach your goals. Our primary focus is towards safety and we take relative measures to see to that you will have a wonderful & memorable moments.

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