Savandurga Adventure Day outing


Savandurga is the largest monolithic hill in the world and is positioned just 35 kilometers from Bangalore which offers remarkable adventure sports. It is part of the granite hill range and are patronized by pilgrims who come to visit the Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy and Narasimha Swamy temple sited at the foothills.

During the Anglo-Mysore Wars of the late 18th century, Savandurga was the most for bidding of all the Tippu's hill forts in the area and previously believed secured spot.

Savandurga was the location for the shooting of the Academey award winnning movie “A Passage to India”. In History Savandurga was named as ‘Savina Durga' which means ‘the fort of death. Trekking in Savandurga is an exciting experience as it has some of the most interesting trekking trails.Savandurga trek two main trails - Biligudda 'White hill'trek and Karigudda 'Black hill’trek. The trek to the top of Biligudda is for medium level trekkers and can trek if you have basic level of fitness. The trek is marked appropriately and you just have to follow the directions to reach the top. We will get the required permissions from authorities for this trek. Karigudda is supposed to be more dangerous to trek than BiliGudda and should not be tried by inexpert trekkers and hikers. Once you obtain ample of experience by trekking various tough destinations then you can enjoy this trek.

Savandurga day outing is one of the best termini near Bangalore if you want to have a god time trekking to incredible heights. Savandurga is surrounded by different species of shrubs and trees. To attempt this night trekking tour, you should have a sound health. After briefing session you will start walking on the path that leads from the base of the cliff after warming up. While trekking the huge rock galloped foothills of Savandurga bids for a unique adventure filled break.If you wnat to add more thrill to your adventure you have to try savandurga night trekking.

By reaching atop you will sense enticing panorama by exploring winter trekking and relish the divine beauty of nature by coddling in charming and remarkable trekking. If you are lucky, you can spot animals such as sloth bear or leopards in the surroundings areas of Savandurga. After completing your night trek to Savandurga, you can visit the temple of Lord Narsimha, the half-man, half-beast aspect of Lord Vishnu, at the top.You can also opt for camping in Savandurga which will prove to be a mind blowing experience. You will find many rock climbers and trekkers over there who love to trek this hill. Rock climbing is one thing, but climbing on the largest monolithic hill is really exciting and you will experience the essence of success by screwing your fears.

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