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Are you looking for the best team building activities in Bangalore? Then you are in the right place. A group of people don’t make a team.There are many wonderful destinations for team outings in Bangalore where you can have fun with your team. A team is a group of people with a high degree of interdependence focused on achievement of goal or task. Team building is a data-based intervention, which assess the strengths and improvement opportunities of a team and then prepares to implement inorder to increase the effectiveness of the team. The most important step while planning the team building activities comes at very beginning stage. We will try to figure out the challenges faced during workspaces within your team and only then we will suggest you the games suitable for your challenges.

We spend time in thinking about strength and weekenesses of your team and try to find out the root of these problems. There are hundreds of team building games, we at Adventurenest have handpicked some of the best exercises. We have tried most of the team building games and tested for perfection. Adventurenest organizes the best team building in Bangalore.The below listed outdoor team building activities reduces the communication gap, builds trust and ensure transparency among the co-workers.

1. Raft Building

Raft building is an excellent highest energy team building adventure activity. It ignites the teams competitive fire to build and race their very own makeshift rafts. We provide the required stuff to build the raft and brief once as to how to build a raft, then the entire team should try to build. The entire team will be involved in this activity until the completion.
After building the raft the entire team should use the raft and have a ride. It will be really fun and adrenaline rushing activity for the entire team.

The takeaways from this activity are :

  • Enhaced communication
  • Team spirit
  • Increases collaboration
  • Builds trust and confidence
  • Fun game and releases stress.

2. Egg Drop

In this activity the groups buildsn structures with a goal of preventing an egg from breaking. To begin with the team will be divided into two groups, briefing will be done before starting the activity. The straws and duct tape will be given with eggs. The teams will have 15 minutes to build the structure so that they can protect their eggs from breaking. After 15 minutes the team who have protected their eggs will win.

Key takeaways from this activity:

  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Structure building
  • Increases Responsibility
  • Team Spirit

3. A Frame

This is achallenging team building exercise which requires 100% co-ordination of the team. In this activity the A frame is developed using the lashing poles and ropes which will be in the length of 25 feet. The person will be selected to stand on the A frame and the entire team will have the control of A frame and the person standing on it. They should plan in order to reach the emd point without making the person to fall. Its really fun and adrenaline rushing sport wherein the team have to actively concentrate and plan to move the frame without harming through ropes given and they need to guide the person effrctively in order to attain success. This can be conducted for small and medium sized teams.

Key takeaways from this activity:

  • Enhances concentration
  • Excellent Team building activity
  • Increases planning and problem solving skills
  • Enhances creativity
  • The entire game will increase co-ordination and team spirit.

4. Spider Web

Web is a challenging sport wherein you need to pass the team members through spider’s web without waking the giant spider. This activity’s objective is to enhance problem solving skills and subtle the crucial aspects of team work. The team is grouped into equal halves and then we will brief about the activity and its rules. Once these demanding tasks have been completed, the entire group is reunited for the final challenge - which may be competitive or collaborative. This exercise effectively teaches the intricate nuances that exist in a successful team. Delegates learn, in a relatively short space of time, how their individual styles may impact upon their team's success.

Key takeaways from this activity:

  • Team Dynamics
  • Time management
  • Uniting Teams
  • Practical leadership
  • Fun & Motivation

5. Ice Walk

Ice walk is played within small and medium sized team. This activity consists of two wooden plates where 4 members can place both the legs on parallel separated plates. The plates will be tied with the ropes and you need to hold the ropes inorder to proceed further. The challenge is in co-ordinating and leading the team safely in the given time frame. Its quite challenging wherin your feet will be locked and the first person should lead the team carefully.

Key takeaways from this activity:

  • Team spirit.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Builds trust.
  • Co-ordination is primary aspect.
  • Problem solving.

6. Transporting

Its fun and played with small and medium sized groups.It is a very innovative kind of activity which is played using the tarpaulin wherein you need to compete with other teams without keeping your foot on the ground. By using several teachniques and co-ordination you will reach the destiny.

Key takeaways from this activity:

  • Co-ordination
  • Time management
  • Enhances concentration

7. Paintball

The groups are split into teams, who complete a variety of tasks whilst trying to hamper the progress of the opposition. You remove opponents from the game by marking them with your gas-powered paintball gun. The game’s focus is on teamwork and strategy combined with pure, adrenaline-pumping fun makes for an unforgettable experience.

Key takeaways from this activity:

  • Team spirit.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Full body work out.
  • Careful Planning.
  • Enhances Competitve spirit among the team.
  • Builds healthy competition

8. Tent Pitching

Its very interesting activity to picth and tent and rest in that. We will provide the required materials and guide you through pitching but you should practically pitch using the given materials. In between we will give you some clues. Your team should be very careful while pitching because you need to select the perfect place for pitching. For camping the surface should be flat, avoid damages while pitching, tie properly based on the instructions given and secure with the poles.

Key takeaways from this activity:

  • It’s a wonderful activity
  • Increases co-ordination
  • Concentration
  • Team spirit
  • Creativity
  • Self confidence.

9. Blid Fold

Blindfolds can impel team members into working together more closely - for example in blindfolds leads, a blindfolded person has to rely upon a sighted person. This is good for developing the habit of closer working relationships. Blindfolds make some team building activities more memorable - for example a meal out together can be fun, but include a blindfolds course with a mystery memory, and the team will be talking about it afterwards, hopefully for the right reasons. Wearing blindfolds can be fun - I wouldn't want to wear one all the time but when used for the right game it can add a dimension of fun for example a Blindfolded Grouping would be a bit of fun for a few minutes.

10. Helium Stick

Deceptively simple teamwork activity. Form two lines facing each other. Lay a long, thin rod on group's index fingers. Goal: Lower to ground. Reality: It goes up!

11. Pipeline

A fast paced activity that can be modified to suit age and setting. Each participant gets one gutter or half pipe tubing. The object is to move a marble or assorted size balls using lengths of guttering from point A to point B without dropping them. Strat moving the pipe from the starting point to end with handling and tackling various barriers which comes all along the way.

12. Survivor Challenges

Get your thinking caps on! This team building activity is sure to test your ability! Built by the experienced person who designs the challenges for the Survivor, this is truly a fantastic team building event. Teamwork is the all important requirement to progress through the different stages of the challenge. The better the team works together, the further they progress!

13. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is renowned game which is played by all corporates because eof its advantages. This activity can be conducted for any team size and we need to list the interests of the team and build the theme based on that. It might be silly to harder challenges. First thing to prepare the list and give it to the teams with clues. They need to undergo numerous challenges in order to finish the game. Its energy charged activity.

Key takeaways from this activity:

  • Team volunteerly starts engaging in the activity
  • Increases confidence
  • Competitive spirit
  • Builds co-ordination
  • Bridges communication gap.

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