Would you like to fly ? But don’t have guts for handgliding or base jumping then zipline is a fun, safe alternative. The lines range from 100 feet to 1600 feet. You can fly at a speed of 60mph over virtual set up and 100mph over rivers and mountains. You can go in a superman style and enjoy your ride.

Zipline activity consists of a pulley suspended on a cable usually made of stainless steel and mounted on an incline. It is based on the gravitational force, it consists of freely moving pulley which combines with the initial force and you will travel through the zipline and reach thend point. Its really fun and adrenaline pumping adventure. It is famously known as “Flying Fox”. The distance of the activity may be short and low, long & high based on the requirements and the facility to conduct the activity. Adventure Nest organizes the best zipline adventure in Bangalore. We conduct at resorts, schools, colleges, campsites, some of the destinations like Ramnagar, Coorg, Bheemeshwari, ooty, dandeli, etc..

The cable of the zipline is a collection of seven smaller cables and those seven cables is actually made up of 19 even smaller cables. We have a safety wing to inspect each and every equipment we use. We maintain the standards of safety guidelines and our first and foremost concern is safety. Safe riding and braking instruction is provided before the tour begins. Participants are required to strictly adhere to all zip lining rules and their guides to ensure safe zip lining.

Restrictions of Zipline Activity

1. Weight Restrictions

All participants must weigh between 70 and 250 lbs. No minimum. This policy is strictly enforced.

2. Physical Restrictions

This adventure is designed for persons in good physical condition. Pregnant women, participants with existing injuries and/or seizure disorders are prohibited.

3. Dress Code

Closed-toe shoes with secure backs. No clogs, flip-flops, or other footwear that will slip off. Walking/hiking shoes are recommended. Pants or long shorts are recommended. Shirts & tops should be long enough to tuck into pants or shorts.Long hair should be pulled back & secure. We will zip rain or shine, so dress accordingly.

4. Weather Conditions

We may have to suspend the activityin case of lightning or high winds. We do not offer refunds for partially completed activities mentioned in the package due to weather cancellations, but you are welcome to come back another day on a "rain check."

Advantages of Ziplining

1. De-Stress

Stress is a factor in everyday life. Standing on the top just with a rope and pulley is a adrenaline pumping activity which fades away all your stress in just fraction of seconds. Even for a few minutes, this stress-free environment will make each member feel happier and lighter as they soar through the air.

2. Sense of Accomplishment

As it is an individual sport, where in only one can participate at a time, rest of the team will collaborate in encouraging each other. Once they finish there complete outing the entire team will have a sense of shared accomplishment which is an essential ingredient of the organization,schools or colleges.

3. Increased Self – Esteem

If you are experiencing rough patch in your life then consider ziplining to give you a moral boost. You will be looking down the glittering city lights, hills and mountains view, crossing rivers with an essence of refreshment, you’ll breathe in plenty of fresh air and feel the crossing winds hugging you by experiencing the highest feet and longer distances.

For a complete excerice on Zipline come and join us to participate in zipline activity.

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